how do I prepare for my visit?
Leave your electronics, cell phone, camera, jewelry and worries in your locker and your valuables at home. If you are having a body scrub or mud treatment, please do not shave 24 hours in advance. All clients using the waters or receiving a treatment are required to complete a health history form. This form needs to be updated on a yearly basis or when there are changes in your current health or medical history. To save time at check-in, we've provided a copy of the health history form here. Just print and complete all required information (minus your signature), and bring with you on your next visit.
how early should I arrive?
Please come 90 minutes before your treatment to access the waters. If it is your first time come 20 minutes earlier to fill out your health form and to receive a body blitz tour.
where can I park?
Metered parking is available on the street for a 2 to 3 hour limit. If your visit to body blitz will be longer, we suggest you park in one of the parking lots close to the spas.  We recommend using transit when possible as parking in the area is limited.
robes and sandals
These items are a courtesy for you to use in the body blitz spa during your visit. Brand new blitz kimonos and sandals are available for purchase in our retail store for your use at home.
birthday suit or bathing suit?
Bathing suits are optional, so you may wear whatever is most comfortable for you. We supply robes, towels and sandals, and you may purchase bathing suit bottoms and tops separately in the retail area.  Some bathing suits are more sensitive than others to the salt, chlorine, and hydrotherapy jets. To avoid risk of damage, we recommend not wearing your favourite or most expensive bathing suit to the spa. Body Blitz is not responsible for any damage incurred during your visit.
recommended length of visit to the waters?
We recommend an hour for the water circuit with a maximum stay of 2.5 hours to receive the optimum benefits of the waters. Please remember that longer is not always better as you do not want to over stress, fatigue or dehydrate the body.
words of caution and pregnancy
Anyone with a cardiac or respiratory condition, high or low blood pressure, who may be pregnant, or any other health conditions should use the waters with a physician's approval. Body blitz cannot be held responsible for illness or injury due to client negligence.  If you have any mobility issues or are elderly, please contact us prior to making your reservation so that we can help determine the best treatment for you. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the spa. For your health, our service providers reserve the right to refuse entry or cease treatment if alcohol is suspected. 
We recommend that pregnant women in their first trimester avoid the extreme hot and cold areas of the circuit. After that, they should consult with their physician as to the safety of the waters for them. As essential oils can be highly stimulating to the body, we recommend our pregnant clients avoid the spa therapy treatments and aromatherapy massage, and instead schedule a prenatal therapeutic massage with a Registered Massage Therapist. We may book a pregnant client for a face + scalp renewal, as long as she is comfortable laying on her back for the full 60 minute treatment.
can my daughter and her friends visit the spa?
Children under 13 are not permitted in the spa and children 13 -17 are permitted accompanied by a guardian at all times.
spa etiquette
Please place your belongings in a cubicle and leave the lounges for resting. A small towel is provided for you to sit on in the steam room and sauna for your comfort and personal hygiene. As a courtesy to other guests, please note that the sauna and steam rooms are quiet zones. As there is nudity we ask that you refrain from any physical affection in an effort to keep the spa a neutral and secure place for all. The use of all electronics (including e-readers), cell phones and cameras is prohibited in the spa.
Please note that for all body glows, scrubs and muds the entire body is treated including the buttocks and outer areas of the breast. The best way to receive these treatments is unclothed wearing a disposable thong. If you prefer to have your body covered or to wear a bathing suit please inform your spa therapist and she can adapt the treatment to suit your comfort level. Anyone under the age of 18 will have mandatory draping of the breast area during all body treatments. Please let your therapist know immediately if you are uncomfortable for any reason. Modifications can only be made if we are aware of your needs at the time of service. Above all we want your experience to be a positive, comfortable and relaxing one.
where do I go for my treatment?
A few minutes before your treatment begins, you should finish the water circuit and have a rest on one of the lounges by the pools. An attendant will come and get you.
are massage treatments reimbursable by my private group insurance?
Our professional massage therapists performing therapeutic and aromatherapy massages are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), and are therefore able to issue receipts for insurance purposes. You may only receive a receipt for your treatment if you paid for it yourself. If someone else is paying for your massage and you share an insurance plan, we can issue a third party receipt, and the paying person can be reimbursed. If you are paying with a gift certificate, we can issue a receipt, but it will not have the dollar value of the treatment listed, as it was not paid by the recipient, but given as a gift. If it only partially covers your treatment, we can issue a receipt for the balance you pay for with cash or credit.
Receipts can be issued for Shiatsu treatments, but these treatments are performed by certified Shiatsu Therapists and/or holistic practitioners, and not Registered Massage Therapists, and are not commonly covered by insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm you are able to claim your massage.

can I bring my e-reader into the spa?
We have a strict no electronics policy in the spa for our client's privacy and safety.

what about gratuities?
There is no tipping at body blitz.
cancellation policy
There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for individuals and a 48 hour cancellation policy for group bookings of 3 or more. Please note that you will be charged 50% of your treatment price if you fail to show for your appointment or change your appointment without the minimum notice.
safety of our waters
Body blitz combines ancient water practices with state of the art equipment to ensure the quality and safety of our waters. Our spa has an extensive filtration system used in combination with a salt water system to sanitize the waters and monitor the pH balance to ensure our waters adhere to Canada's strict health policies. Our pools are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis and our waters are tested manually five times per day. Above all, we want you to feel relaxed and secure while enjoying the benefits of soaking in our therapeutic waters. Please reach out if you have any questions at all about our pools.
how do I continue the spa experience at home?
All of our products are available for home use and may be purchased in the retail store at the entrance to the spa.
post blitz
If you would like to show off your radiant self after leaving body blitz, please talk to the front desk for a list of recommended restaurants in the area.