"Traveling for a living hasn't been easy on my body. I do yoga as often as possible, but still have had difficulty relaxing after months on the road....until I found body blitz. About 45 minutes after arriving at the spa it hit me. I was so entirely calm and relaxed and content. Between the large salt pool jetting against my back and the hot green tea tub, I was in heaven. The steam room is the hottest and sweatiest flush and the infrared sauna was the warmest my body has ever felt. Plunging into the cold tub I felt an intense shock to my muscles and suddenly I could feel my body detoxifying right there on the spot. I was cooled down, but was warm inside. I don't know how I ever lived without it before!"
Kathleen Edwards, singer/songwriter

"The moment I step into the healing pools at body blitz I instantly decompress and all the stresses of the outside world melt away. I always leave body blitz refreshed and relaxed like I've been on a holiday in some exotic tropical place. This is an experience I enjoy even more with my best girlfriends".
Ruth Tal Brown, owner of Fresh and author of 'Fresh at Home' & 'The Juice for Life' cook book.

"A visit to "the waters" at body blitz spa is an experience of unparallel relaxation. Sitting in the salt water pool directing the strong currant of water from the jets into areas of the lower back, belly, legs and feet is reminiscent of having a deep shiatsu massage. This underwater massage has allowed me to deepen my yoga practice with less effort. Keeping the muscles soft and supple is equally important to developing strength and endurance. For serious yogis, body blitz is the perfect counter pose to daily practice."
Diane Bruni, co-founder of Downward Dog Yoga Centre

"Hello neighbours!

I live at Queen and River St. and just walked by your new location. LOVE what you did with the appearance of this tired, industrial looking place. You've treated the building just like you do with all your guests - you make them look and feel valuable! I'm so excited to be a part of your new community."

Anna Ammoury

"I have been visiting body blitz regularly for a few years now, and nothing relieves my stress and heals my body in quite the same way. I'm especially excited about the addition of the hot Epsom salt pool this past year - as if an experience at Body Blitz could get any better! Epsom salts are so effective at relaxing tight and overworked muscles, so I love that I can now enjoy these benefits druing a Body Blitz visit. Playing the viola for a living is incredibly rewarding, but playing for hours every day can sometimes lead to sore or strained muscles, or even injury. I am so grateful to body blitz for helping my body stay healthy and balanced, and for relieving my stress. It is an essential part of my self-care routine that helps me continue to perform at my best. I always leave Body Blitz feeling peaceful, relaxed and happy!"
Theresa Rudolph, violist, Toronto Symphony Orchestra 

"Back in January, I bought a three month membership to Body Blitz after some severely debilitating emotional struggle as a result of a really rocky relationship finally ending. I decided it was time to do something for me that would aid in the moving on process. Having this membership has meant the world to me. As a teacher at a local college, I have a flexible work schedule that allows me to visit the spa at least four times per week. I've met some great new friends (we've had one wine night so far!), felt a noticeable improvement in my physical health, have softer and clearer skin, but most of all I've used my time in the waters to work on my emotional health - to really think things through and sometimes to simply not think at all.  It has helped me so much."
Crystal Kotow, professor at George Brown College 

“I was born with eczema. I have lived with it for my entire life, I have tried diets, creams, cleanses, and various treatments of multiple modalities. When I began my membership at body blitz, I did so with the intention of prioritizing time for my spiritual and physical well being. I did not expect the incredible result that began to occur regarding the eczema on my arms, chest and neck. Within the first four weeks, the eczema on my arms began to look softer, quieter, and less agitated. Bumps, and raised areas that hadn't changed in decades were smaller less noticeable and softer. Within the next four weeks my skin began to hold moisture, it developed a sheen and the raised rash, that I had had since my childhood began to disappear. This was a result  I never expected from simply doing the waters circuit 3-5 times a week. Now, I get compliments on my skin constantly, it has a healthy shine, and glow.”
Coura Niang, body blitz member 

"I visited your spa last week with my best friend and had a wonderful time! Every staff member we encountered was welcoming and pleasant and your RMT's are top notch. My friend Ellie, who was visiting from Belgium, said that it was the best massage she's ever had. The pools were so wonderful, I can't begin to tell you how revitalized we felt after getting "blitzed" at your spa. Thanks! I'll be back! I'll be back with my mom, my sister, my co-workers, and friends!"
Heather C., body blitz client

"...while I was aware of the immediate relaxing effects of the therapeutic waters at body blitz, the sense of improved mobility felt in my joints lasted for several days after. For people who suffer with joint stiffness or pain, the variety in temperature and water flow could serve to enhance circulation and stimulate muscle activity..."
JoAnna Speller, owner of Go Physio

"How can I not sing the praises to body blitz? Every time I go, I feel better and better. Time spent at the spa is always a lovely, peaceful experience and certainly a healthy one. Quite simply a wonderful addition to my days. Thanks for creating this space."
Kimberly Knox, body blitz member

"I LOVED my experience getting "the works" at body blitz today. First of all the steam room feels and smells so good, it is my version of heaven. The scrub and massage was so wonderful and relaxing. Afterwards my skin looked so smooth and clear that I told the front desk I was going to take ID with me when I went out tonight, because I looked so young even though I am 49!! I left feeling like a million bucks. Thank you body blitz!!"
Kingi Carpenter, Peach Berserk 

"On Saturday my sister and I came to your wonderful establishment for an afternoon of relaxation. It was our second time ever being at a spa, and I have to say it was by far the best experience ever. She had the Moroccan treatment and I had the body bake, and it was just wonderful. I have problems with my stress levels and it's caused a ton of health issues for me over my adult life. I have yet to find anything that can really de-stress me, but man did the pools do a damn good job of it! Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon!
Katherine Keeling, Property Administrator, Oxford Properties Group 

"I was in last Wednesday and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful my entire experience was! The massage therapist worked really diligently on getting the tight knots out of my shoulders and neck and the massage was one of the best I've ever had. The other staff I interacted with were also very friendly and helpful. I also loved all the toiletries, so that it is possible to just drop in without planning and packing ahead. I'm not usually one send feedback but the afternoon at body blitz really made an impression on me. I just can't stop raving about it to all my friends or anyone who will listen to me for that matter."
Katka Kuska, body blitz client