We are a women-only facility, and the spa is bathing suit optional. You may bring whatever you feel comfortable wearing in the waters. Some bathing suits are more sensitive than others to the salt, chlorine, and hydrotherapy jets. To avoid risk of damage, we recommend not wearing your favourite or most expensive bathing suit to the spa. Body Blitz is not responsible for any damage incurred during your visit.

Because there is nudity in the spa, use of ALL electronics is strictly prohibited, including cellphones and e-readers. If you’d like to celebrate a special occasion with a robed selfie, this must be done in the reception area. Anyone using electronic devices in the spa will be kindly asked to surrender the device or leave the spa.

We provide you with complimentary use of a robe and two towels, as well as sandals to wear around the spa; wearing sandals at all times is important both for safety and sanitary reasons.

Amenities: We have shampoo, body wash, and conditioner in the showers, and a vanity area stocked with hairdryers, body lotion and other sundry items for the end of your visit.

We have a juice bar, where we serve smoothies, drinks and some snack items. We recommend eating before you come so you don't feel  weak or light-headed during or after the waters. Please bring a plastic or metal water bottle (no glass) with you to stay hydrated during your visit.

We are a social spa, so guests may be talking and laughing together in the waters area. Our sauna and steam room are quiet zones. If you are looking for a quieter experience, we suggest Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday after 5pm.

When we are busy, we can sometimes have a waitlist for the waters. You may call ahead to ask if there’s space for you, but you must come into the spa to be added to the waitlist. We encourage you to go for a walk or have a tea around the corner, and we promise to call you when there is space. Depending on the day, waits can be 20 minutes to 2 hours. 

Booking your appointment time: if you are booking the last treatment of the day, the end of your treatment will coincide with the closing of the therapeutic water circuit. If you prefer to use the waters after your treatment, you will have to choose an earlier appointment time. Otherwise, please plan to arrive 90 min before your treatment to enjoy the water circuit.

Parking: Because we are downtown, we do not have our own spa-adjacent parking lots. There is metered street parking on Adelaide Street West and on King Street East, or you can click here for nearby parking lots. Better yet, plan to take transit! Give yourself plenty of time to arrive for your treatments, as we are unable to delay them if you are running behind.