warm Dead Sea salt pool
With over 2,000 years of proven therapeutic and medicinal use, Dead Sea salt helps promote pain relief, helps improve joint mobility, gives relief from skin and rheumatic disorders, aids in the elimination of toxins and helps replenish the body with vital nutrients essential to the human body. With 24 hydrotherapy jets, the sea salt pool helps relax tired muscles and body.

hot Epsom salt pool
In 1618 a farmer at Epsom in England found his cows were unhappy drinking the water due to its bitter taste. He noticed that the water healed scratches and rashes and it didn't take long for word to spread about its amazing medicinal affects. Epsom salt helps relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation as well as helping muscles and nerves to function properly. The high magnesium content improves sleep and concentration and helps to regulate over 325 enzymes in the body

cold plunge pool
Plunge into the fresh waters to cool the body, increase the body's energy level and to tighten pores. Alternating between hot and cold is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level.

eucalyptus steam room
The body blitz steam room, with 100% humidity, is perfect for relaxation, increasing circulation, cleansing and toning the skin and is beneficial for respiratory disorders and rheumatic pain. Eucalyptus oil is added to revitalize the senses.

infrared sauna
Body blitz is one of the first public spas to use an infrared sauna. This new-generation sauna provokes a sweating effect up to 3 times superior to traditional saunas, creating an in-depth detoxification of the entire body. Infrared waves have the ability to help evacuate deeply-lodged toxins that are often at the heart of many of our health and beauty problems. As sweating is one of the most effective ways of eliminating toxins and polluting agents, our infrared sauna is an excellent way to help cleanse the body of impurities.