group FAQs

group FAQs

how early should we arrive?
Please be sure to arrive 90 minutes prior to the starting time of your scheduled body treatment to access the water circuit. All clients are required to complete a health history form. This form needs to be updated on a yearly basis or when there are changes in your current health or medical history. To save time at check-in, we've provided a copy of the health history form here. Just print and complete all required information (minus your signature), and bring with you on your next visit.

what should we bring?
We provide each visitor with a robe, sandals, and towels and we have a vanity area with hair dryers, combs, hair products and blitz body lotion. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are available in the shower area and we recommend that you do not shave 24 hours prior to receiving any of our body scrub or mud treatments. Bathing suits are optional.

health restrictions 
The therapeutic waters may not be suitable for pregnant women or persons suffering from health conditions such as heart disease, respiratory problems, angina, hypertension or diabetes or any other serious medical concern. If anyone suffers from the above, we ask that you seek a physician’s approval prior to arriving.

expecting moms
We recommend that pregnant women in their first trimester avoid the extreme hot and cold areas of the circuit. After that, they should consult with their physician as to the safety of the waters for them. As essential oils can be highly stimulating to the body, we recommend our pregnant clients avoid the spa therapy treatments and aromatherapy massage, and instead schedule a prenatal therapeutic massage with a Registered Massage Therapist. We may book a pregnant client for a face + scalp renewal, as long as she is comfortable laying on her back for the full 60 minute treatment.

can my daughter and her friends visit the spa?
Children under 13 are not permitted in the spa and children 13 -17 are permitted accompanied by a guardian.

Please note that for all body glows, scrubs and muds the entire body is treated including the buttocks and outer areas of the breast. The best way to receive these treatments is unclothed wearing only a disposable thong. If you prefer to have your body covered or to wear a bathing suit during the treatment, please inform your spa therapist and she can adapt the treatment to suit your comfort level. Please let your therapist know immediately if you are uncomfortable for any reason. Modifications can only be made if we are aware of your needs at the time of service. Above all we want your experience to be a positive, comfortable and relaxing one.

Metered parking is available on the street for a 2 to 3 hour limit. If your visit to body blitz will be longer, we suggest you park in one of the parking lots close to the spas.  We recommend using transit when possible as parking in the area is limited.