the works

All treatments include access to our therapeutic waters. 
Please arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled appointment to enjoy the waters.

These invigorating scrubs cover your entire body. Every last dry and aged skin cell is sloughed away leaving your skin feeling younger, healthier and more radiant.

the works

body wash + body scrub + scalp treatment + face mask + face serum + face moisturizer + body lotion + hair wash + hair conditioner ~ 90 mins  $205

This is our tip-to-toe body blitz wash and scrub with a little pampering thrown in for those who like it rough and smooth.

Start with an invigorating body wash and scrub, using one of our signature scrubs from the scrub bar. After the body is washed and scrubbed, the scalp is nourished with our stimulating scalp serum. The body is rinsed and a  neck-to-toe application of our body lotion is massaged into the skin. A gentle exfoliating face wash is followed by our green clay face mask,  balancing face toner, argan oil face serum and replenishing face moisturizer. The hair is washed and conditioned. It will leave you feeling rested, renewed and silky smooth.

Just lie there and let us do all the work